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The Cash Back App (TCBA)

The Cash Back App is a fast and easy way for members and merchants to take control of their money and in the process improve the quality of their life. For members, TCBA offers cash back, discounts, loyalty rewards, special offers and prizes when they shop at participating merchants. For merchants, it provides a marketing, mobile payment and loyalty platform. With TCBA, customers can save money on everyday shopping, and businesses can gain more customers and income. 200 merchants have already using TCBA app and these numbers are increasing on the daily basis.


Shop. Save. Simple

Did you shop yesterday? Will you shop today? And what about tomorrow and the next day? Everybody shops. It’s a fact of life. So why not shop where you can get cash back and/or a discount on the necessities and the niceties of life? The Cash Back App rewards shoppers with cash back and businesses with loyal customers. Plus – recurring income for as long as you use the app! With The Cash Back App, everybody wins!

Australians face financial pressures and seek ways to save money wherever possible. That’s whyThe Cash Back App was created. TCBA is an Australian company that helps members reduce the cost of living, while also supporting the local business community.

Many consumers struggle with the increasing cost of living. A free mobile application such as TCBA is a simple and convenient way for them to receive cash back on a wide variety of products and services that they already buy. If consumers have a tight budget, The Cash Back App can bring them savings on everyday shopping and help them earn some needed extra cash. If they’re doing okay, then The Cash Back App can help them access some extra luxuries. If they’re looking for additional income, then The Cash Back App can help them build a genuine recurring income, without the hype and with surprisingly little effort.

TCBA also recognises that the success and growth of e-businesses has been at the expense of local small businesses, who are struggling under the competition from online businesses and the ‘Big Box’ retailers. TCBA provides merchants with a zero-fee payment platform, loyalty program, ecommerce and marketing capability and recurring income all in the same system.

With TCBA’s system, customers can save money on everyday shopping, and businesses can gain more customers and income.

App Solution

The Cash Back App was founded in late 2013 with the ambitious goal of building an industry-leading application and world-class team of developers capable of delivering thousands of dollars in savings to both customers and businesses alike all across Australia. After many years of research and development, The Cash Back App officially launched in February 2018 with a wide variety of new features designed to reduce the cost of living for the average Australia and support local business communities as a whole.

Via the iOS and Android mobile app, TCBA offers cash back, discounts, loyalty rewards, special offers and prizes to its members when they shop at participating merchants. The app is free to download and use for all consumers. With each transaction cash back is assigned to the user’s mobile wallet. Users are required to register and provide bank account details to access the cash on their mobile wallet. For merchants, it provides a marketing, payment and loyalty platform. Merchants have access to rich data to enable targeted advertising and a loyalty customer base at low cost. The app builds a user base by rewarding membership sharing with a referral program and cash back.

Core features of the app include the Shopping tab, where users can find local businesses ordered by the device’s current location. The Wallet and banking platform, where users get access to the cash back and commission rewards they earn. The wallet allows the user to access those funds to make purchases at TCBA merchants, pay a bill or a friend – or even withdraw it as cash. A shopping cart and payment gateway in the app also allows the user to buy products sold directly in that app, such as gift cards and vouchers. In the shopping community section, the user can see their income stream and see their affiliate commission community grow. Finally, My Account section allows the user to manage their user profile and all relevant details about their account.

Our Partnership Role

  • Solutions Architect and Project Management.
  • App design and development.
  • Native iOS and Android development.
  • Custom in-app payment integration.
  • Wallet and banking API integration.
  • Security management and data control.
  • Ongoing integration and maintenance.

Core Design Processes Developed

  • Buy gift cards and shopping offers in-app.
  • List stores, gift card and offers by proximity to device.
  • Multi-platform sharing system that posts to SMS, email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.
  • Point of Sale transactions creation and completion.
  • Transactions management and display.
  • Cash back and rewards calculator.
  • Staff and merchant transaction mode
  • Charity view and selection.
  • On-boarding video and interface design.

David Hennessy

CTO, The Cash Back App

GSBitlabs are fantastic! We’ve worked with Gagan & team for almost more than 1 year now. In addition to their core work with The Cash Back App, they’ve build over 5 apps for me and have been a crucial part of my development team. GSBitlab’s project management and client relationships skills and experience are excellent. The team has a great and extensive skill set and has built simple to very complex apps for us in native iOS and Android platforms – as well as the APIs and systems to power those apps. They can source skills for pretty much anything and are excellent for leading large projects as well as an indispensable contact and asset for finding skills ‘on tap’ (for projects and also piecemeal work for when you cannot source locally). Their rates are excellent and highly competitive.

We recommend them highly to any business seeking their services. They will certainly deliver and bring you value above and beyond.