It’s all about experience, whether in real life or virtual reality zone, we always adopt technology either to ease our daily-routines or live in future.

From last few years, every one of us has seen the quick change in the way we handle our phones. Apps have brought everything in our hands and we can clearly say ‘We hold Future’.

Augmented Reality, the new-age technology, enhances our lives with engaging activities that are possible through a smartphone or a tablet with iOS or Android. It facilitates app developers and businesses to superimpose digital data over the real world objects. The AR industry is expected to hit global revenues of $90 billion by 2020.

How does augmented reality work ?

Location Based & Marker Based

Location-based AR works on the location or positioning of each device, which is detected by GPS or an accelerometer, or a digital compass. This technology overlays the objects on the top of the real physical places like we have experienced in Pokemon Go!

Marker-Based apps are based on image recognition feature, that majorly uses mobile or tablet camera. After the detection of the object, the object is overlaid and its further positioning or process depends on the marker.

The technology has grown immensely over the last few years, providing new possibilities every day. Every product or service gives newer experience to users and brings advancement in their life in its own way. From mobile apps for interactive catalogues to one-off publicity stunts in shopping malls to augmented product packaging ‒ the options are limitless.


AR has brought real change, has given new dimensions to user experience in some high-caliber Industries.

1.) Games

Undoubtedly, AR has brought ‘next’ level in the gaming industry with the launch of Pokemon. The user experience is enhanced and the expectations are higher to bring something innovative and real-time ambience.

Pokemon, Ingress, Puzzle AR: World Tour, NBA AR, Metaverse, Stars Wars: Jedi Challenges and many more are ruling user’s mind and keeps them occupied for almost whole day. Intriguing game mechanics, UX, novelty in features won’t let you put away the game.


2.) Healthcare

Imagine you are having a sort of discomfort in the body, you simply open up an app. and answer few questions. Within seconds, the app will give you a fair diagnosis, suggesting you multiple ways to follow. The technology has brought doctors accessible on phone 24×7.

AR is not limited to this only, but has been explored in multiple ways like it assists in accurate diagnosis of the patient by overlaying CT scans and other imagery onto a patient’s body, has been a guide to Doctors during their Invasive surgeries by replacing monitors and endoscopic cameras with AR Glasses.


3.) Education

Studying with 4D images, students have all the reason to be interested in their subjects where it is not just bookish reading but beyond what one can envision. Apps like Anatomy 4D, one just needs to scan the document with their device and experience 4D images. That seems incredible!!

With AR, the boring learning has become interesting for all-age-group people who visit museums. A learning device app allows you to get in-depth information of exhibits by just pointing the camera on it.

While talking only, we feel wow!!


4.) Entertainment & Retail

We all have downloaded snapchat, Ikea apps and have experienced the excellence achieved in the field of technology. AR developers overlay the elements over the real image and give you the power of visualization.

Snapchat has been a success as it engages the user with a different visualization of his own appearance and similarly, in Ikea app, the user can visualize their house with their desired furniture options.

5.) Manufacturing

AR has been employed in manufacturing industry also. With its help the firms can amplify their productivity and bring efficiency in the systems by bringing its use in the complex assembly of raw material, building efficient processes, in maintenance, having expert support around and therefore, ensuring quality in the product.

6.) Automotive

AR has given new dimension to Auto industry. The most demanding industry can rely on AR to enhance their efficiency.

AR provides timely awareness of possible happenings and safety for the drivers. The Technology can be used as instructor guide for drivers while teaching driving to students. It makes sure the drivers can see the roads well so he/she can drive without mishaps in any kind of terrain, and a lot more.



AR is not limited to technology developers only; it is all about ideas. In the era of innovation, where every industry is evolving and bringing path-breaking ideas, AR backs it by blending the idea with digital world and enhances the user experience.

AR is applicable in all industries – Gaming, Education, Retail, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Automotive et el. and serves all age groups. It has brought positivity in e-commerce businesses as companies got a medium to bring life in their products.

The photo and video market is the biggest and best experiential market for AR as we are observing a lot of themed apps launching every week.

The idea needs right set of team to transform the idea into a functional business that serves their users successfully.

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Author – Mr. Gagandeep Singh
Founder & CEO at GSBitLabs

Gagandeep Singh is the Founder and CEO at GSBitLabs and having his own start-up he takes care of AI, App development, and delivery management, marketing in the company. In the span of 1 years of establishment, Gagandeep applied his marketing skills in developing company’s product portfolio and has also planned new projects in line with company’s vision to promote innovation and bring the best utilization of technology in every industry. He majorly invests his time in research & development in IT industry to match global standards.

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