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Why Choose India?

The evolution of Information Technology and the provision of IT-enabled services have radically altered Indian business standards. Outsourcing has become a permanent fixture in business today and the Indian outsourcing industry has exhibited tremendous growth of 25-30% in recent years. According to a report published by The National Association of Software & Service Companies (NASSCOM), nearly half of all Fortune 500 companies use Indian IT outsourcing firms for software development.

To add to that, more than 80% of all offshore software development is performed by Indian IT Outsourcing companies. Here are a few major factors that have spurred such massive growth in the Indian outsourcing industry.

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Favorable Government Policies

  • Highly Talented Workforce

  • Rapidly Developing Infrastructure

gsbitlabs in india

Finding the perfect outsourcing partner when you have millions of top IT outsourcing companies to choose from can be an intimidating task. G S Bitlabs is a leading software development outsourcing company widely experienced in offshore software development, website development and more. We cater to several renowned small, medium and large enterprises for their website’s









WHY us

What we have to offer?

G S Bitlabs is a global website development company whose services comprise of different outsourcing models, each tailored to meet a unique set of requirements that fit your business needs and provide extraordinary results.

Here are a few reasons why you should hire the G S Bitlabs outsourcing team.

  • 100% flexibility as per clients’ requirements

  • Certified Professional Developers

  • Experienced Chatbot Developers, Mobile Developers & Java Developers

  • Focus Teams for Full Stack Development Package

  • Fully operational office facilities (firewall, access control etc.)

  • Legalities (NDA, IP protection, PF, Employee insurance etc.)

  • Low Hourly Rates

  • Maximize Business Effectiveness

  • Reduced Cost Operations

  • Wide-ranging IT Solutions

So, get in touch with G S Bitlabs and gear up for a rock-solid IT solution.

Services That We Offer

mobile app development

Hire Mobile App Developers

As a leading offshore software development company based in India, we offer simple yet sophisticated tech solutions. Our dedicated developers utilize tailored business intelligence software to dynamize your business & transform your vision into reality. Our skilled & trusted mobile app developers code complex projects for you whether it is iOS, Android or Progressive Web App.

web dev

Hire Web Developers

High versatility, enhanced performance, reliability and low development cost allow businesses to translate their dreams via websites conveniently. Our dedicated and skilled web developers build websites that help you build an online presence and reach your target audience. Our web developers  deliver custom-made solutions to our clients on time as per your choice.

mean stack app

Hire MEAN Stack Developers

MEAN is an acronym that stands for four software components MongoDB, Express JS, Node JS and Angular JS web development framework utilized in both back-end and front-end development. Our skilled and talented Java developers unleash the power of full-stack development with MEAN stack development services to empower your application’s efficiency and functionality.

microsoft dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics

We offer you full-cycle Microsoft App development services to meet your business needs & create value. Our  services comprise of .Net Development Services that offer web, mobile & cloud app development, B2B & B2C app development, content management & Microsoft Cloud Services on Azure that offer third party integration with Cloud applications.


Data Services

One key component that is essential to the growth of your business is access to data management and IT solutions. We offer data services that provide you key insights into your customer base, help you manage data and provide you with a high-end marketing infrastructure. Accurate and timely data management allows for effective decision-making and an increase in progress.

node js

Node JS Developers

Our Node JS developers build powerful & faster real-time applications & deliver true value for your business. Our keen & dedicated developers utilize pre-built components to strengthen your back end with goal-oriented & speedy custom solutions. Hire our Node JS developers for desktop applications, real-time applications, mobile & web applications and full-stack development.

Why Partner with G S Bitlabs?

At G S Bitlabs, we believe our customers deserve time-effective, cost-effective and faster IT solutions. And we’re here to offer you just that. We find issues in your application before your customers do, implement reliable and effective solutions and enhance your business value. Here’s how we apply quality assurance techniques to make sure your app launches go without a glitch or hitch

  • Automated Testing

  • Cloud Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • Security Testing

  • Web and Mobile App Testing


We offer our off-shore partners a solid software development solution comprising of

  • Building Long Term Client Relationships

  • Customer-Centric Services

  • End-to-end Software Development

  • Goal-Oriented Approach

  • Innovative Methodology

  • Time and Cost-Effective Strategies


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