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Runway Buy is an Australia-based business that strives to bridge the gap between designers and customers by bringing them together at one platform. Runway Buy provides designers with an opportunity to directly market their original new designs. It is also a hub for fashion trend lovers as they can explore live designing events for the latest fashion trends and buy exclusive designs directly from the designers.


The Challenges

Our client envisioned an Apple-device exclusive iOS app that can appeal to the designers as well as customers. The app needed to feature a dual-functionality for designers as well as the users. Runway Buy iOS app needed to be:

  • A platform for designers to sell their products.
  • A mobile-based platform to see Live Fashion Events.
  • A platform with all the designer events listed.
  • An iOS app with easy navigation through the Product Search option.
  • An e-commerce app where users can buy exclusive designs directly from the designers. And also pre-order the dresses as well.

Our Approach

With in-depth knowledge of the app and desired functionality, our team of experienced and creative iOS app developers started working on the app while collaborating with graphic designers for high-quality designs that can load-quicker.
We coded the app in Swift while also leveraging AngularJS and NodeJS technology so that the resulting app can boast easy internet connectivity even in the weakest of network connections. Our team brought together an impeccable, easy-to-navigate iOS app with the latest features and dual-functionality.

The Results

A Fully-Functional, Customizable iPhone App

Leveraging our proficiency in iOS app development, we created an accurate end-product exceeding our client’s expectations. The Runway Buy iOS app features.

Real-time Updates

Users were allowed to get real-time updates from live fashion events.

Event Live Stream

Designers do live stream of the event for the user. And also can upload the customized videos, once the event is over.

Send Invitations

Designers were allowed to send invitations for their upcoming fashion events. And the list of people coming to attend Live event as well.

End-to-end Buying and Selling

The app features a flawless end-to-end buying and selling experience where designers can sell their exclusive designs to fashion lovers around the globe. The user can also Pre-order as well.

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