A Dating App: Spota

Spota is an online dating app that allows people to connect in real-time. Developed for both iOS and Android, the app primarily focuses on finding the right match for the user. Unlike most dating apps in the market that primarily focus on the photos, Spota will have profiles that will include their hobbies, taste etc. However, the primary focus of this new online date app is to leverage geo-location and connect people nearby first.

  • An online dating app with a wide target user base
  • An app that connects people within the range of 100 meters first & the rest later
spota app

The Challenges

The biggest challenge was to bring something unique and innovative to the table to discrete this iOS and Android-based app from the plethora of already existing dating apps. We listened, discovered, and ideated. Now it was time to create a clear and viable solution that can facilitate a big user base with some distinctive features.

  • A platform for users to create a profile, enter their personal preferences, likes, dislikes and find people with similar hobbies, likes, and interests.
  • A platform that can connect users within the range of 100 meters first and then the rest of the world leveraging GPS.
  • A digital platform where users can buy credits through a secure payment channel and unlock more functionality of connecting another user.

Our Approach

We first focused on what people think before they like someone on social media platforms. So our team of highly-skilled professionals started researching on the internet and also on a personal level by asking common users the same question. Turns out that the biggest point of online dating apps was their primary focus on photographs. Moreover, people wanted an app that can connect them to people near them first and then the rest of the world.

Feature-rich Profile Creation: Behind every face, there’s a story. We made sure that the users have a rich profile with their whole story displayed through their profile. Cover photo and bio were displayed at the very top, followed by other interests and location at the bottom.

Real-time location: The app uses GPS and first finds matches within 100 meters of range


Our expert research team worked beside our skilled mobile app development team to create an online dating app full of features including:

  • Detailed Filters: With detailed filters about likes, location, age, and other preferences, users can narrow down their search to a certain type of people of their interest.
  • Flawless-running Dating App: Apart from posting pictures, users get to make a full profile page like Facebook or Twitter with a cover image followed by a whole profile description.
  • Instant Messaging Support: Once users get a match, they can talk to their match with an amazing IM platform integrated into the Spota app.


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