HRQ, a leading recruiting firm, deals in hiring & staffing of middle and top-level management jobs across various industries. Working on different parameters, HRQ selects the candidate after much scrutiny and provides highly qualified and skilled manpower to their clients.
In the past year, the company has experienced over 100% growth in its business across Slovakia, Europe. Their focus on providing well-qualified candidates remains a distinctive factor.

The Challenges

While growing the business, HRQ faced some challenges like – assembling the applicant data, matching with the requirements, tracking the application, etc. Making entry of every interaction manually and matching with the required criteria was a cumbersome task for them. The accuracy of data and information seemed unreliable. The client was observing instances where the information was missing or was not tracked timely, wasting productive hours in the collation of the information. Working on huge databases like sorting the candidates according to their qualifications and locations started consuming a lot of time.
That generated the requirement of a fast and comprehensive recruiting solution, bringing all elements such as sorting the applications, matching and tracking it, all together in one solution. It was an urgency to build an efficient and robust searching engine to work on the database.

The Solution

G S Bitlabs built an automated portal for HRQ by consolidating their recruitment processes. Our team worked on the nature of their data and provided a solution that saved their hours that would have been wasted in processing all incoming information. The solution allowed the team to focus on their real job i.e. people.

  • Attendance: Every employee of the company was given an online attendance system by logging into their dashboard.
  • Recruitment: A customizable and efficient program was coded to ease down their efforts but fast