ScrubUp App

An innovative and customizable app for the Operating Room Personnel to manage day-to-day surgical processes and a lot more.

  • Compatible with iOS, Android & Web
  • Built with Swift, Kotlin & Nodejs.
scrubup app


Understanding the importance of smooth Surgical processes and complying with the Operating Unit standards, we have developed an app for the OR personnel. With the help of our innovative app, the perioperative team will be able to:

  • Create & set up Surgical Journals.
  • Specify their Specialty.
  • Add notes & take pictures of the OR setting.
  • Edit steps of Draping & preparing the Operating Room.
  • Customize & add procedure steps for future usage.

In the medical world, the ScrubUp App will help the OR personnel in both straightforward operations and also inpatient surgeries that require a hospital stay.
We understand that successful operations depend on several factors, that is why ScrubUp is developed to be used for multiple reasons. The expertise of the OR personnel can be shared and discussed among all of the participants.

This app includes various options such as:

  • Sharing information with your team.
  • Editing your preferences.
  • Checking the instruments and equipment.
  • Taking images of the OR Setting.

It has always been of utmost importance to surgeons to perform operations perfectly. This is where our application comes in handy. ScrubUp is designed to provide the opportunity of creating and customizing medical journals and preparing everything for the OR Procedures. It makes everything very easy by organizing day-to-day operations efficiently and effectively.


With this amazing ScrubUp app, you will be able to create your surgical journals and describe your methods.

Easy to Use

The ScrubUp app is developed in such a way that you will find no difficulty using it.

Nice Interface

The interface provided by the app is eye-catching as well as pleasing.


Share your preferences and experience with your team so that you all enjoy the process of saving and changing lives.

ScrubUp App will result in ultimate smooth processes for the OR Crew. Different specializing surgeons can share their methods and expertise with the help of ScrubUp app.

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