Technological Innovations in Cab-Hailing Business
Around the world, in a large number of towns and cities, the way of transportation is changing dramatically. Commuters chose cab-riding over the personal vehicle and the booking is no longer happening on call and payments are not made in cash. An app has changed the way of transportation and has transformed the way we book or “hail” a taxi.
Various technologies have been introduced to make a material difference to our lives. Cab-riding companies have made it much safer and operate within an appropriate regulatory framework.
Uber is a trendsetter that revolutionized the life of commuters by offering them all the comforts of a personal car ride accessible on demand. Along with Uber, other cab-riding companies have introduced technologies like auto electronics, AI/deep learning, sensors, rideshare apps, non-AI software, physical systems, digital mapping, and microchips.
Technology Advances in Cab-Riding Business
Broad Features of a Cab App
Mobile App architects designed a user-friendly app with advanced features like one-touch booking, tracking your cab and confirmed booking up to 7 days in advance (with few cab-hailing companies).
Looking at the different paying mediums, the rider has a choice of paying through various mediums like credit card payment, using wallets like Paytm, Mobikwik, Freecharge and Citrus or company’s own wallet.
Sensors in the vehicle equipped with GPS technology determine the best and fastest route to a destination.
Safety & Security of the rider are prime
Keeping safety in consideration, companies have built an automated speed alarm inside the driver’s app. that keeps check on the car speed and alarms the driver and company if the driver is over-speeding.
Few firms have tested a facility that can prevent an accident to happen. Sensors alert drivers to change the position of the vehicle to avoid collisions.
For the safety of driver and rider both, a sensor has been installed in the seat belt that can track the driver’s physiological indicators. This sensor will determine if the driver is exhausted, drained or intoxicated. If the driver fails any of the tests performed by the sensors, the vehicle becomes inoperable.
No ideal time for the driver
Based on destination details of an ongoing trip and traffic conditions, a feature has been developed for a driver to bid for a booking. Through Bidding, the driver can offer the best price possible, calculated as per the proximity of driver to the rider, and rider is benefitted with the best price given. Moreover, the idle time between the trips is reduced.
AI Powered App
By using AI-powered Natural Language Processing, now a customer can easily communicate through a chatbot in various situations like to book a cab, tracking a cab and driver details, finding the details of pending and past trips, finding the fares, complaint registration, providing feedback and canceling a booking.
Also, plans to make an entry by introducing artificial intelligence based service that shall forecast demand for taxis based on factors such as traffic, weather, and time of day and large-scale events.

So, you can see that the benefits of having a mobile app for Cab-Hailing Business for your business are plenty. It’s just that you have to believe in it, and find a reliable service provider who can do the job for you.
If you don’t want your business to lag behind in the competition, then it is time to look at implementing the change and onboard having the mobile app for Cab-Hailing Business for your business that does the job for you!
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Author – Mr. Gagandeep Singh
Founder & CEO at G S Bitlabs

Gagandeep Singh is the Founder and CEO at G S Bitlabs and having his own start-up he takes care of AI, App development, and delivery management, marketing in the company. In the span of 1 years of establishment, Gagandeep applied his marketing skills in developing company’s product portfolio and has also planned new projects in line with company’s vision to promote innovation and bring the best utilization of technology in every industry. He majorly invests his time in research & development in IT industry to match global standards.