Mobile Apps and our lives are closely linked to an extent that we receive personalized morning news when we open our eyes and our day is already planned & organized even before we are ready for office.
Artificial Intelligence is persistently being used for the last two years to bring a significant change in our daily lives & allows users to take control of regular chores.  AI in mobile apps has been transforming the user experience, giving growth to the business and it is predicted that this year AI will set new benchmarks in Mobile App development for iOS & Android.
In a recent report by Gartner, it is stated that by 2020, 85% of consumer interaction will happen with no human involvement. Artificial Intelligence has already assisted us in our work or enhancing our day-to-day experience, integrating our lives in different & exciting ways.
While using a Mobile App for purchasing or booking flight tickets or even speaking to a representative in a bank, we do not realize that how often we have been using AI in different forms all the time. The experience is not just limited to Virtual Personal Assistant  (VPA) – Siri & Alexa but has gone a step forward.
For Instance:

  • To eliminate the need of humans, Google and Microsoft invented the instantaneous text translation by adding neural networks to their translation apps.
  • Period & Ovulation Tracker Flo AI-powered system increases prediction accuracy by 54.2% .
  • Prisma, uses this complex technology to turn photos and videos into an art.

But, Why do we need AI in Mobile apps?

Well, a number of businesses have observed the trend that 70% of apps are deleted by users, within 7 days of downloading because of low-engagement. Today’s Consumer expects App to be faster, bug-free and to have WOW experience. Researchers discovered that 74% of Australians are dependent on their phones when searching for information, ideas and advice.

With AI, there is high-probability of growth in business and customer base as AI assists in analyzing consumer behavior by collecting and storing data linking it with demographics such as the user’s location, contacts. AI provides useful information that helps to promote business on its own.

However, basics can never be ignored.
The UX is key to keep the consumer loyal to your Mobile App. Every mobile app launched is required to create value in users’ lifestyle to stay on the phone for long.
For iOS App Development & Android App development, Mobile App Developer needs to carry out deep research plays a crucial role while developing for a Mobile App.
A research finding in Deloitte – Mobile Consumer Survey 2017 says that  awareness of virtual assistants on smartphones is good, at 43 percent, but usage is low, at 14 percent. 85% of Alexa users’ use is to play a song despite of the fact that Alexa has thousands and thousands of features.
Artificial intelligence comprises of Robotics, Machine Learning, Expert Systems, General Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. The technology can be used for any business to create powerful, valuable and resourceful mobile app.

  • For Automated reasoning like in local travelling to provide the best route the rider.
  • For Online purchasing, AI can guide the user by matching up their preferences in terms of product references, discounts or the stock availability.
  • Recommendation service by learning the consumer behavior. For flight booking tickets or to recommend music to the user by analyzing their search behavior.

Personalization in services is the survival mantra in the highly competitive market.
Starbucks AI -powered app understands the user preference, recommends accordingly and places the order for them. WOW!! A coffee-lover always looks for that perfect cup to begin the day and here it is.
Google Photos is on every android phone that can automatically create videos from your images, movies, and music, and create albums of your holiday photos and videos. You don’t need to edit or delete or keep your favorite ones aside. Google photos do it for you.
Android Mobile App development in Melbourne is growing significantly. App Developers must integrate AI in mobile apps during initial stage only helps to grow faster as it takes your user experience to new level and allows you to be first-mover in the industry.
Technology has no limitations, it is just to be used in an innovative way to stand out in the competitive market.