Businesses worldwide are majorly dependent on trucking for delivery of goods. Electronics, Automobiles, Industrial raw material, or grocery for that matter, every business that involved trading of goods require transportation through trucks within or across the country.
Transportation has always been an unorganized market and is not accessible to everyone easily. The truck-transportation industry has proven to be impermeable and there are few entrants who are operating or running the whole process offline.
With the advent of technology, a division of transportation has been evolved. For daily commuters, ‘Uber’ has eased down the worry of moving from one place to another by providing door-to-door service.
Similarly, in truck transportation, there is an opportunity:

  • To eliminate the broker who charges half of the total cost,
  • To provide transportation access to every business
  • To save massively on fuel and manpower

Considering the opportunity available in the Trucking Industry, On-demand trucking brings efficiency and competency in the system and an effective way of matching shippers with carriers.
Software or technology used in developing a platform for trucking companies is adapting key features of IOT, automation, AI, collaborative transportation based solutions. To begin with, a web or mobile platform is developed for carriers and shippers to associate directly with professional drivers through
GPS tracking and digital links, fleets can be connected with static infrastructure like warehouses & distribution centers irrespective of location. It will, definitely, bring improvement in parking& traffic flow; will automate routing and enhance in-house operations for faster dispatch. This also provides Real-time visibility of movement of truck with No-touch live monitoring.
IOT based sensors are installed in the carriers to record the statistics of the carriers like scheduling the maintenance or repair session.
On-demand business solutions are optimally used in freight industry as it reduces downtime and increases the number of jobs a truck can take. It was a wearisome task to hire a truck for shipment and get involved in a lengthy process of negotiation.
The direct linkage between shippers and truckers let the operator:

  • Lowering down the expenses
  • Improves visibility across the supply chain
  • Prevents trucks from moving without a ride
  • Utilizes the containers best possible
  • Automates the whole hiring and payment process
  • Reduces the burden of administrative tasks

Our specialization is in developing business apps and has designed few cab apps which are running Live at present. For on-demand trucking, we worked on its back-end & front-end process, connecting both the sides and added features like Route planning, Nearby pit stops, Driver assistance and Law enforcement and road safety alerts. A web & mobile application is handy and easy to operate anytime, anywhere. Operator, driver and customer will have their own individual dashboard wherein one can book the truck, track the movement, process the payment and can easily have delivery of goods to the desired location.
Our team showed skills in handling other areas of operations and automated it with our ChatBot dispatcher. One of the features of automation is communication between carrier and static infrastructure – imagine if your TMS can automatically communicate back and forth with drivers and dispatchers to relay key information such as pick-up and delivery addresses, pick-up numbers, collect signed PODs, and even answer questions.
So, you can see that the benefits of having mobile app for On-demand Trucking platform for your business are plenty. It’s just that you have to believe in it, and find a reliable service provider who can do the job for you.
If you don’t want your business to lag behind in the competition, then it is time to look at implementing the change and on-board having mobile app for On-demand Trucking platform for your business that does the job for you!
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Author – Mr. Saroj Kumar
Head of Mobility

Saroj Head of Mobility at G S Bitlabs and leading the team of Mobile App Development. He is also taking care of all the AR App development and AI development going on in the company. He is quietly working with full dedication and hard work making sure the projects are delivered at the utmost quality.